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Video Stoke: Bloodvein Canoe Tripping

I used to work with two of these fine folks and they recently paddled a really beautiful river in Manitoba with few of their friends. Check their video out!


The Grand Teton Triathlon, or “The Picnic”

This is ridiculous, and absolutely amazing.  Radurday approved.  I have cruised the whole site and I am wondering if we could pull anything like this off in McLean County…

Here are the rules:

I found out today it is illegal for us to swim accross any of our local lakes….

Anyway, take a gander at these fine folks who videod their success:


Video Stoke – Outdoor Triple Crown ?

Check this video out…super rad dudes, getting rad on three levels (bike pack, climb, pack raft) in the desert.  Maybe 4 levels of rad-ness if you count the plane ride in.

Also, the last Patagonia catalogue featured these dudes:  They were pictured on the front cover and on the inside jacket showcasing a similar type trip, riding to climb, all loaded up with gear…but on Surly bikes instead….Interesting.

So Much stokeage.


Daily Video + Tunes

Been listenin’ lately:

    1. Radiohead – There, There
    2. Fugazi – The Argument
    3. Timber Timbre – Creep on Creepin on
    4. Townes Van Zandt – Lungs

Also, check out this video of surfers in Scandinavia. Total Stoke:

So rad.