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Thoughts that occur while on your bicycle to and fro ones place of work.

Which way to work…

My actual commute to work is pretty short.  I think I can get there in less than 10 minutes if I take the most direct, 1.5 mile route (one way), hit the single light, and sprint.  It offers traffic, a school zone, and a primo road with a wide shoulder.  Sometimes you can’t ask for more.  I don’t ask, but I look for alternatives.

I usually do not take that route.  It is boring, direct, even when racing traffic.  I take a longer, slower, route, that winds though the local hoods with myriad house styles, less traffic, more sunshine.  I think it adds a small hill too.  This alternate route also adds a mile on each end of the trip, and is worth every extra minute.  Who wants to be at work before they are awake and ready?  Spinning myself awake, aware.

Commuting doesn’t have to be boring; if time is not a concern, use your extra to explore.  After work one day, I found some run off ponds behind some apartment buildings and doctor’s offices.  There are paths that wind through the area made from woodchips, lite single track, and some gravel, but in some really essential connecting points to make the route work it is overgrown, full of broken glass, and trash.  This section would add a mile or so to my commute and let me have some fun between home and work.  I guess I should clean it up, someone else did all the work of building out the other parts and trails for fishing access.  Maybe they are there for bird watching?






Living a Dream


This morning’s ride involved by brick streets, low traffic, and sweat.  The balmy air, a precursor to the rain lumbering in later this evening, was oddly nice to ride in.  Two miles of nearly uninterrupted road from stop signs and traffic lights provides me a pretty sweet bike path.

Random Bike commute thought:
Recently fashionable “Jogger” Dress slacks/pants are perfect for commuting and riding.  They totally remove the need for the annoying velcro reflective strap that helps prohibit your pants from getting pulled into the drive train.  

Daily Bike Commute Thoughts

Today is the first day I was able to ride my bike to work in short sleeves and feel comfortable. I am excited that spring is finally here.  It was a beauty; 2 miles of 65 degree bliss.