Frame baggin’

I have been searching for ways to get my hands on a super sweet frame bag for my specialized AWOL from a number of companies (Porcelain Rocket, Roadrunner Bags, Rogue Panda, etc.).  On average, frame bags seem to cost about upwards of $170.   Once you have paid that money, it is not necessarily a guarantee that it will fit properly (unless you customer order), since most bike frames have variation to them even if the theme is similar (road geometry, MTB Geometry).   That is unless you are buying the Salsa Mukluk 3 bag direct from Salsa (same goes for Surly, and now Specialized).

My local bike shop is fantastic, but they don’t carry a size run of full frame bags from myriad bag providers and I am not sure it would be cost effective given bike packing isn’t exactly booming in Central Illinois.   It leaves me with a dilemma – how do I get my hands on a frame bag that fits without spending colossal amounts of duckets.

I started reading a bunch of blogs and researching the cost of fabrics and materials.  I decided I was going to make my own frame bag for my AWOL.

  • Is it easier to purchase a pre-made solution – Maybe
  • Is it more fun to DIY your way through a problem – Sometimes.

I happen to know a lady with as many sewing machines as I have bikes, who loves to teach and make things out of fabric.  I asked if she would teach me, and she happily agreed.  I created this model with a roll top design, avoiding the use of zippers, a known point of failure.

Here is how it looks so far:

It is made out of extra fabric my mom had in her sewing room (read bike room, but with fabric).  It reminds me of a 60’s beach umbrella in France…

Now that I have a template and semi-functioning model, I think I am going to order the proper fabric and other needed parts and create a more sturdy bag.

More Updates to follow….


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