A New Year and Resolutions



I was going to write an post on New Years Resolutions, and my mixed feelings about them in general.  I was going to talk about the absurdity of forcing big changes, arbitrary dates, over commitment, action, drive, the people we surround ourselves with, etc., etc.


I don’t make resolutions and should not offer advice on them.  Preachiness is something to be avoided, and everyone’s motivation is different.

My favorite assessment of the whole thing is here.

Here is a shortish list of my overall plans for 2017 and give you a link to my favorite New Years resolution Blog Post:

  • Travel to visit family in Alaska and do fun stuff while I am there.
  • Plan trip to Iceland for 2018
    • Some friends of mine are going this year and I am excited to hear their recommendations and thoughts.
    • I was kindly gifted some books and a Map (MY FAVORITE) to help with the planning.
  • Get Married
  • Complete a 100 mile MTB race
  • Climb outdoors 3+ times
    • That’s how many times I made it out in 2016
  • Bike pack 3+ times
    • That’s how many times I made it out in 2016
  • Ride my Bike
  • CAT up for the HICX Series
  • Complete HICX Series
  • Get my Wheelies under control
  • Be Kind; Do things.



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