Mackinaw Micro-Adventure

Awwwwwww snap!  It’s friday! And I spent last night having a fancy dinner with my SLF at a local brewery pub whateveryacallit.  The food and brews were okay!

But today marks another exciting moment: the weekend is neigh! Adventure is afoot!

My buddy and I packed our CX (cyclocross) bikes with some lite camping gear and food and are riding out (20 miles) to the Mackinaw Valley to steal a campsite (no Camping in the area) by the river for the night.  In the AM, we are going to wake up and meet the rest of the team at Brock Park, drop some gear in a car and race 40 miles with the team on gravel, and then ride 20 miles home.  To top off the evening – Lucero is playing a show at the local venue the Castle Theater!

I used bungee cords to strap a bag of clothes and some dehydrated meals to the handlebars of my bike.

I borrowed a half frame bag from my friend Mike at Bloomington Cycle and Fitness, and filled it with a fuel canister, an MSR Pocket Rocket, a Patagonia Houdini, gels, and arm and leg warmers, a swiss army knife, a head lamp, a lighter, and a spork.

On the back of my bike, I used my Viscacha bag and filled it with my Eno Hammock and its necessary accessories, a ground tarp, Puffy jacket, and my sleeping bag.

Update: As I write this, my team moved the ride to Sunday, and it supposed to rain all day today.  Bummer? Not at all!  We are still headed out for our micro-adventure.  Rain be damned!



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