This week I started carrying a little notebook, and I marked the cover with a capital letter “G”. This new pocket notebook is an addition to another little book of previously blank pages, now modified with reminders, lists and thoughts, I have been carrying for a month.

My “G” notebook, blank and brimming with unfulfilled potential has been reserved to document all the things I am grateful for each day.  This exercise is an effort to stay humble, and to be mindful of all the things I should be giving thanks for and potentially take for granted.


I think coffee and the name of my special lady friend (SLF) will be daily staples.  I should note that ideally, I will only document things as I become aware of them, so as not to just write a list of things I should be thankful/grateful for, but instances of my awareness of thankfulness/humility/gratitude.

Is there a difference between the two: being thankful/grateful?  Two sides of the same coin?

I tend to think of the former as human oriented – an exchange between you and another or other.  Gratitude, I find to be more personal, an internal demarcation of humility.

Here is today’s list – 3/29:
1) Very special lady friends: concrete.
2) Heated morning discussion in the kitchen – early morning learning moments.  Reminder: tone is important, so is empathy.
3) Podcasts – especially dirtbag diaries, for documenting so many people’s human experience and growth, and untold stories of success.
4) Brooks, the dog – We get to explore new parts of our neighborhood while the sun is still pushing up over the horizon.  Micro- adventures every AM and PM and for being a great MTB trail companion

I’ll leave you with this tune:


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