41 Miles for 41 Years

Tonight I participated in our regular Tuesday Night Constitution Trail Nite ride, our Cycling Teams weekly Winter, in-town training event.  These events are friendly and competitive (thanks impart to Strava), but we tend to refer to them as “Spirited.”  Here is my ride data.

Tonights ride was rough. My whole body is sore, in a good way.  I have learned to love that exhausted “spent” feeling.  I also love the gorging on food that occurs afterwards…But on to more important things…

Our “spirited” ride tonight coincided with the 41st Birthday for one of our Comrades (the Tiki). Encouraged by the wonderful 70 degree weather and the Tiki’s birthday stoke – some of us decided to ride a little beyond our average 30-ish miles, and instead opted to hit the 41 mile mark!

The Tiki and his stoke:


This got me thinking about how people choose to celebrate milestones:

35 from ARC’TERYX on Vimeo.

What I like about both these examples is how each person chose to celebrate with their friends, and community, in a shared outside activity.  Friends join to support you in your effort, push you a little farther, and help you celebrate!   That is really what all this stuff is about right?  Friendship?  Community? Pushing each other?

How do I want to celebrate my 31st with my friends and community this year?  I hope its free, outside and full of laughter.

Camping?  Backpack?  Fly Fishing? Group Ride?  Mountain Biking? Bikepacking?

How do you want to celebrate your next milestone?  The start of your next year?


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